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In-Office ENT Procedures

Dr. Goldberg is able to perform a number of safe and effective otolaryngologic procedures in his office in Suwanee, GA. If you’re seeking an ENT specialist in the Suwanee area, contact ENT of Georgia North today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Goldberg.

PROPEL® Sinus Stent

PROPEL represents a medical breakthrough clinically proven to improve the results of sinus surgery. PROPEL is the first and only device clinically shown to keep the sinuses open after surgery, precisely deliver anti-inflammatory medication directly to the sinuses, and then dissolve.

SINUVA Sinus Implant

We offer a non-surgical procedure for patients who suffer from repeat nasal polyps with SINUVA® (mometasone furoate) Sinus Implant. SINUVA® is proven to reduce polyps and nasal congestion and obstruction

Balloon Sinuplasty

Unlike traditional sinus surgery, Balloon Sinuplasty requires no cutting and no removal of bone and tissue. Published clinical data shows that Balloon Sinuplasty is safe and effective, and patients received statistically and clinically significant improvement in their sinusitis symptoms.


The LATERA absorbable nasal implant supports upper and lower lateral cartilage in your nose. It is placed inside the lateral (side) wall to support the cartilage, reducing nasal airway obstruction symptoms and helping you breathe better.

ClariFix Cryotherapy

Using cold treatment called ‘cryotherapy,’ the ClariFix device reduces your runny, stuffy nose by interrupting the signals that out-of-balance nerves may be sending.