Congratulations to Joan Rodriguez on a well-deserved retirement!

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News & Events

Celebrate National Hearing Month

At ENT of Georgia, we recognize that healthy hearing is fundamental to our overall well-being. Healthy hearing is the key to maintaining connections, fostering relationships, and feeling confident in social settings. When hearing loss occurs, it can impact every aspect of our lives, from communication to emotional well-being.But with the right support and intervention, individuals

Join Us in Congratulating Joan Rodriguez on Retirement!

Join us in sending a big congratulations to Joan Rodriguez on her well-deserved retirement! Joan’s dedication and hard work over the years have been truly inspiring, and she will be missed as a member of the team at ENT of Georgia North. Congratulations, Joan! Joan E Rodriguez, AuD Audiologist Dr. Joan Englehart Rodriguez has been

man struggling with hearing loss.

Hearing Loss May Increase Your Risk Of Dementia

Most of us know someone who has hearing loss. Maybe even you. Many people still deny the reality while others have purchased new hearing aids. What you probably don’t know is that hearing loss may increase your risk of dementia. Let’s find out why and what you can do about it. Coincidence Or Link? Will

Welcome Steven Huffman, PA-C!

ENT of Georgia North would like to welcome Steven Huffman, PA-C! Steven first joined ENT of Georgia North as a Medical Assistant, and we are so excited to have him on board once again! Steven is now accepting new patients! Please call (770) 495-3820 to schedule your consultation.

chronic sinusitis treatment in georgia

Chronic Sinusitis And Allergies: What To Know

Do you live with the discomfort and symptoms of chronic sinusitis? By now you probably know you have those annoying seasonal allergies, but they never seem to give you a break. Chronic sinusitis and allergies: what to know.

New Website Launch

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website.