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Celebrate National Hearing Month

At ENT of Georgia, we recognize that healthy hearing is fundamental to our overall well-being. Healthy hearing is the key to maintaining connections, fostering relationships, and feeling confident in social settings. When hearing loss occurs, it can impact every aspect of our lives, from communication to emotional well-being.
But with the right support and intervention, individuals with hearing loss can experience significant improvements in their quality of life.

As advocates for healthy hearing, we’re thrilled to honor National Speech-Language-Hearing Month this May. This special occasion serves as a reminder of the importance of prioritizing our hearing health and embracing the transformative impact it can have on our lives. This May we’re also excited to introduce our new audiologist, Dr. Carrie Dunn!

Meet Our New Audiologist

carrie dunn.

Carrie Dunn, Au.D., was born in Philadelphia, PA and moved to Georgia with her family when she was young. Dr. Dunn developed a passion to help others at a young age through her own personal experiences with an audiologist. Following several ear surgeries, she decided to pursue a degree in audiology to help others with hearing loss.

She received her undergraduate degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Georgia and Doctor of Audiology degree at East Tennessee State University. She spent her clinical externship year at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she focused on adult cochlear implants and hearing aids. Dr. Dunn is licensed in the state of Georgia and holds an American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Certificate of Clinical Competency in Audiology (ASHA). Dr. Dunn has worked in both private ENT practices and university settings. She enjoys spending time on the weekends with her husband George, and daughters, Abby and Emma. She also enjoys attending University of Georgia football games during the fall.

Experience the Latest in Hearing Aid Technology

In celebration of National Speech-Language-Hearing Month, we’re excited to share with you the incredible advancements in hearing aid technology. Today’s hearing aids are more than just amplifiers—they’re sleek, discreet, and packed with innovative features designed to enhance your hearing experience.

From Bluetooth connectivity to personalized sound adjustments,
modern hearing aids are tailored to meet your unique needs and lifestyle. They’re designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, providing exceptional clarity and comfort in any situation.

Celebrate Better Hearing with Us!

Join us in celebrating National Speech-Language-Hearing Month by prioritizing your hearing health. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Dunn to learn about the latest hearing technology and save up to $500 on a pair of premium hearing aids.* We’ll work together to ensure you can hear better and live better starting this May and beyond.

Your hearing health matters. Don’t wait—schedule your appointment today!


*Offer not valid with third party or insurance benefits.

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